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Phenix TL2 Leather Helmet

Phenix TL2 Leather Helmet

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  • Please note::Every helmet is custom made to your order. Please expect delivery in approximately 20 weeks.
  • Please note::Customized helmets are non-returnable.

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Flip Down Eye Shields (*Please note* Due to recent changes in NFPA, manufacture installed flip down shield [bourkes] will make your helmet non NFPA compliant) [+$55.00]
Custom Name Stamp on Brim [+$42.00]
Deluxe Leather Comfort Package (comfort pad, crown pad, and ratchet cover) [+$45.00]
Model TL003D (NFPA): Ratchet Suspension with Paulson ATAC goggle with long strap and detachable black 8" ear laps

Phenix Technology’s Traditional Leather Helmet boasts a low center of gravity and is center balanced, thus, promoting a very low degree of neck fatigue. Our traditional leather models interface with any SCBA mask. We offer several options when building your custom TL2.  The approximate weight of this helmet is 55 oz.

All helmet models include: Leather shell with inner thermoplastic dome, impact cap, custom comfort pad on all suspension liners, Nomex Combination Chin Strap, Rising Phenix Brass finial, reflective tetrahedrons, and D-ring on rear brim.          

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