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Rescue Wipes (1 case/18 packages/40 wipes per package)

Rescue Wipes (1 case/18 packages/40 wipes per package)

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Our dedication to cancer prevention and safety begins with using only premium ingredients to help remove soot, smoke, and harmful toxins from the skin. Rescue Wipes do not contain Alcohol, MI, Parabens, Latex, Anti-Bacterial properties, or any "Kill" formula.? Rescue Wipes contain several ingredients that makeup a healthy, all-purpose body wipe. Rescue Wipes are safer than most body wipe products on the market and the combination of premium ingredients mixed with high end and all natural materials derive a healthy and effective body wipe. 









?This is simply one of the purest forms of water that rids of all ions such as sodium, calcium, iron, chloride, copper and bromide. It is used as solvent and as a spreading agent.

A colorless and odorless liquid used when making soap. The substance is used in sweeteners, cosmetics and lubricants. Glycerin is very common in skin care products. 

An herbal derivative from the natural green tea leave, containing antioxidants such as green tea catechins (GTC) and is used as an alternative to medicine.  Green Tea Extract is primarily known for its health benefits including anti-aging properties and inhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. 

A preservative used in cosmetics and personal care products, which is made up of fragrance ingredients and preservatives. 

A synthetic surfactant derived from coconut oil, which is very popular in personal care products.  

Used as an antistatic and conditioning agent; a well known surfactant and component in conditioning products.

Acts as an antistatic agent and cosmetic preservative. 

Used as a surfactant and emulsifier predominantly used in cleaners and personal care products. 

Acts as a traditional medicine and serves a multipurpose skin treatment.

In order to develop a safe and proper wipe, we began with recognizing what substances could not interact with the activities and lifestyles of first responders.

Rescue Wipes do not contain Alcohol, as Alcohol is highly flammable and the wipes will be exposed to fires. 

Rescue Wipes do not include Methylisothaisolnone (MI). Methylisothaisolnone is common in many cleansing products such as moisturizer, shampoos and soaps, but have been known to cause a number of allergic reactions. If first responders are expected to use Rescue Wipes continuously, they must be hypoallergenic and rid of all substances that cause allergic reactions. 

Rescue Wipes also do not contain Paraben. Although Parabens are one of the most commonly used preservatives in personal care products, the chemical has been found and linked to many cases of breast cancer. Doctors state that the chemical was easily identifiable in breast cancer tumors. They believe this chemical seeps through the skin and latches on to particular organs, which eventually lead to cancer. 

Rescue Wipes do not contain Latex in the product. Latex has been linked to sever allergic reactions and is known for being one of the biggest skin irritants. 

Rescue Wipes do not contain any anti-bacterial properties or ‘kill formulas” as there is high risk of potential issues after exposure over an extended period of time. 

Rescue Wipes are safe and very well preserved. Individual packs are insulated with aluminum to allow for the wipes to remain fresh and consistent in order to operate efficiently over longer periods of time in extreme environments. 

Rescue Wipes are also embedded with hydroentangled spunlace, which contains natural fibers, creating a smoother and softer material, while remaining lint free and helps clean the skin more efficiently. 

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