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Time Emergency Equipment Acquisition


Dinges Fire Company’s Acquisition of Time Emergency Equipment.

AMBOY, IL (November 2nd, 2017) – Dinges Fire Company has announced its acquisition of the assets and operations of Time Emergency Equipment, based out of Roscommon, Michigan.  Time Emergency Equipment has been serving the emergency responders of Michigan for over 40 years.  With this procurement, Dinges Fire Company will be able to provide more emergency responders across America with the equipment they need to protect the citizens of their communities and help them to come home safely.  Operations will continue out of the Roscommon, Michigan office, in addition to Dinges Fire Company’s home office located in Northern Illinois.

About Dinges Fire Company.

Dinges Fire Company is a distributor of emergency service equipment based out of Illinois, serving firefighters and first responders throughout America. Some lines Dinges Fire represents includes; Globe Cairns Turnout Gear and Leather Boots, Bullard Thermal Imaging and Helmets, Task Force Tips Firefighting Equipment, Drager SCBAs and Gas Detection, Vanguard Safety Wear, and Toyne Fire Apparatus.