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KLEAN/pak, Portable Mass Disinfection System

Your Price: $649.00
Part Number: 269
The KLEAN/pak allows users to safely, effectively, and quickly disinfect areas by simply adding garden hoses, water, and one of the dilutable liquid disinfectants shown on EPA’s List N of products for emerging viruses like COVID-19, MERS, and SARS.

KLEAN/pak helps businesses, parks, industrial facilities, retail locations, and schools stay safe.

KLEAN/pak kit includes a 5 gallon industrial pail, adjustable metering and shutoff valve, extendable wand, nozzle, easy start up guide and user’s manual.
Just add your garden hoses and disinfectant!

Rated Flow: 2.0 US gpm @ 70 psi
Pressure Range: 30 – 300 psi
Holding Tank Capacity: 5 gallon
Metering Range: Zero to 9 US ounces/gallon
Inlet: Standard Garden Hose Thread
Outlet: Standard Garden Hose Thread
Nozzle: Low Pressure Flat Fan Spray
Spray Coverage: 4 ft x 4 ft
Wand Included: 1.5 ft Extendable to 3 ft
Nozzle Want Adapter: Standard Extension Pole Thread
Disinfecting Solutions: For Use with Non-alcohol Based Disinfectants
Calibration Viscosity: 1.00 CPS (Same as Water)
Requires two 50 ft (user supplied) 5/8 inch standard garden hoses.

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