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Majestic 'Ovarian Cancer Awareness' Hood
Majestic 'Ovarian Cancer Awareness' Hood

Majestic "Ovarian Cancer Awareness" Hood

Your Price: $44.95

NFPA 1971-2013 UL Certified

TEAL Nomex Blend with WHITE RIBBON FR INKING (WHITE INK of Ribbon on corner of apron), 21" total length, 2 piece construction, notched shoulder, double ply, SEWN WITH WHITE Thread - NFPA 1971 UL Certified Hood

Longer length notched shoulder certified to NFPA 1971-2013
Notched shoulder for contoured fit (shoulders exposed)
Smooth fit in our MOST POPULAR long bib design!
Elite style
Wider width for air circulation keeping end user cooler
Generous width and size means less fabric stretch
The more surface area for moisture disbursement, the
quicker moisture will evaporate - keeping end user dry!
Maintains protective properties after washing
MFA hoods offer the most square inches of protection!
You pick the style , you pick the material - 
CUSTOMIZING your own hood!

Majestic Fire Apparel is a vertical manufacturer
Knitting our own fire retardant materials for over 17 years
We knit, cut, sew, and ship - all from our location in PA


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