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Vanguard Squad-1 Rescue Glove (Kangaroo)

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Squad-1 Rescue Extrication Glove (Kangaroo) by Vanguard Safety Wear

Tough, Durable, Made for Work - Designed Specifically for the Fire Service - with Kangaroo Leather

Ultimate Flexibility, Grip, Tactility/Dexterity 


100% Kevlar Cut Resistant Outer Shell Back

Kangaroo Skin Palm and Fingertips Reinforced with Kevlar Liner for Cut Level 3 Protection

Kevlar Laminate Reinforcements Back of Fingers  

Padded Knuckle Protection


Kangaroo Skin + Sleek Design Specifically for the Fire Service = Extreme Flexibility, Grip and Comfort

Unique Sculpted Smooth Fingertips Supports Best in Class Tactility/Dexterity

Elasticized Kevlar Debris Catching Inner Cuff  


Tough Kevlar and Para Aramid Components 

Exceptionally  Durable Kangaroo Skin Palm

100% Kevlar Thread Throughout

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